The Game Players of Titan
Publication Date
Vintage Books (trade paperback)

Plot SummaryEdit

In this sardonically funny gem of speculative fiction, Philip K. Dick creates a novel that manages to be simultaneously unpredictable and perversely logical.

Poor Pete Garden has just lost Berkeley. He's also lost his wife, but he'll get a new one as soon as he rolls a three. It's all part of the rules of Bluff, the game that's become a blinding obsession for the last inhabitants of the planet Earth. But the rules are about to change--drastically and terminally--because Pete Garden will be playing his next game against an opponent who isn't even human, for stakes that are a lot higher than Berkeley.


"The book is readable and interesting. There are a number of nice minor touches, such as the artificially intelligent cars with attitude. And the character of Pete Garden, a fairly typical Dick protagonist, neurotic to the point of suicide attempts but basically decent, is nicely enough portrayed."

–Review by Rich Horton,, 2001.

"The Game Players of Titan is very much a classic Philip K. Dick novel. It contains all the elements that we have come to expect; post-apocalyptic setting, self destructive male characters, confusion as to what is real, and so on, not to mention weird, trippy, hallucinations which are plentiful and important in this novel."

–Review by Iain Mathieson,, 2001.

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